Redistricting Watch

Looking for New District Data?

We at have been closely monitoring the redistricting process for each state. Starting in process for each state. Starting in approved and litigation resolved, we integrate the state's new district definitions with our precise GIS data and the latest postal data to produce new zip-to-district files. We update these files every month as the USPS updates its address files.

USgeocoder also offers existing district data from congressional to school, along with census stats and mailing delivery data for all states. Click here to view full line of district data files we provide.

Succeed with USgeocoder

USgeocoder delivers the most accurate and most frequently updated USPS integrated GIS data for your advocacy business, and mapping needs. As 2012 elections approach, our new district data files ensure accurate district to address matching that is critical to your campaigns.

You can use our new district data in many ways:

Replace the existing data in your own GIS and mapping applications
Have us batch process your address files for new district matching
Get REALTIME new district information for your addresses via USgeocoder's API servics
Show new district maps


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Congressional and State Legislative Redistricting

Redistricting is reshaping the US political landscape. Districts are gaining and losing addresses. Politicians will be representing new territories. Voters might not be voting in the same districts. We have the new congressional and state zip-to-district data for candidates running for elections and those supporting or opposing them in 2012.

Current Redistricting Status

(This live update information is provided by Professor Justin Levitt at LOYOLA University Law School, an election law and redistricting expert. For more detail live updates, please visit Professor Levitt's website:

43 final plans (for 2012)
48 final plans

All about redistricting by Professor Justin Levitt: