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Enter address below to lookup its 117th congressional districts, 2021 state legislative districts, school districts, voting districts, federal and state elected officials, zip+4, standardized address, census block, census track, sales tax rate, geocodes, location on the map and much more...

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This interactive live demo shows the following 36 pieces of the information you can obtain from USgeocoder through USgeocoder API. If you need to bulk process hundreds, thousands, millions of addresses, we can take your address file, batch process it through USgeocoder, and return the address file to you with desired information appended. If you are looking for data to integrate into your own application for district matching, USgeocoder offers the most accurate, frequently updated district data files that seamlessly work with any platform.

In addition to the district matching information, a map with the location marked in the center will open on the same page. You can view the district information  on the map by turning on various layers such as 117th Congressional Districts, 2021 State Upper House Districts (State Senate) , 2021 State Lower House  Districts (State House of Representatives), School Districts, etc. You can embed the entire USgeocoder mapping system into your own application.

Latitude & Longitude
Zip Codes & Mailing
Standardized Address by US Postal Office and US Census, Zip4, Carrier Route
Political Jurisdictions
& Elected officials
117th Congressional District and Representatives, US Senators, State Governor and Lt. Governor, 2021 State Upper House District and State Senators, 2021 State Lower House and State Assembly Members aka House Delegates in many states.
Local Districts
County, County Subdivision, Tribal Land, Municipal (incorporated city or town), Voting District, School Districts
US Census Geography
2010 Census Track, 2010 Block Group, 2010 Census Block, 2000 Census Block, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), Combined Statistical Areas (CSA) Urban or Rural Area
California Sales Tax
Shows state, county and city district tax rate for the given address.