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API Pricing Plan

Precise and Up-To-Date Geographic Information at an affordable price! No monthly subscription, no contract term!

USgeocoder API pricing is based on pay-per-request. You will be charged by the number of requests sent to our USgeocoder engine times the number of informational items you want returned to your application.

For any U.S. address, USgeocoder returns 36 different fields of information. All information is generated from latitude and longitude. When USgeocoder receives the address information from your application, it geocodes the address, produces latitude and longitude, and then talks to different databases to return the information you would like to obtain.

Latitude, longitude, standardized address and zip+4 information are included in the base price at $0.02 per request. For other items, additional cost applies. Click on the following categories to view the pricing for each item.

Pricing Chart

 Item Name
Cost Per Request
    Base Price

The simple fomular for the cost is: Cost Per Request x Total Number of Request

One time activation fee: $199

Volume discount is available. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Payment schedule:

Increment level: USgeocoder API payment is on a prepay basis. We have the following 5 different increment levels:

Prepay every 2,500 requests
Prepay every 5,000 requests
Prepay every 10,000 requests
Prepay every 50,000 requests
Prepay every 100,000 requests

Initial charge: The cost for the number of requests for your selected increment level plus the activation fee will be pre-charged to your account while signing up with

Subsequent charges: When there are 10% of your requests left in your account, we will charge the next increment to the credit card on file.

Example 1: If you would like to obtain standardized addresses with Zip9 assignment via USgeocoder API and select the 10,000 increment level

The cost is $0.02 per request
The first time charge is $399.00 ($0.02 x 10000 + $199)
Subsequent payments will be $200.00 for every 10,000 requests ($0.02 x 10,000)

Example 2: If you would like to obtain US Senators name and contact information, Congressional districts, Congressmen name and contact information, and select 5,000 increment level

The cost is $0.09 per request
The first time charge is $649.00 ($0.09 x 5000 + $199)
Subsequent payments will be $450.00 for every 5,000 requests ($0.09 x 5000)

Example 3: If you would like to obtain California Sales and Use Tax Rate Summary information and select 2,500 increment level

The cost is $0.10 per request
The first time charge is $449.00 ($0.10 x 2500 + $199)
Subsequent payments will be $250 for every 2,500 requests ($0.10x 2500)

If your credit card on file is expired when a new payment request is posted, your account will remain active for the earlier of 14 days or up to 10,000 requests. We will contact you for credit card renewal via email or phone.

Get started using USgeocoder API, signup for a free 2-week API trial account now! You will get instant access to our entire database for full 2 weeks or 1,000 free lookups, whichever comes earlier. No credit card is required.

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