Geolocation-Based District Matching Data For Advocacy, Lobbying, FinTech, Marketing, Regulation Compliance, Real Estate, eCommerce & More...

USgeocoder offers the most complete jurisdiction data set with 100% data privacy protection guaranteed. We are your one-stop resource for location lookup, district matching, and government compliance needs.

Advocacy and Lobbying: Provide 118th congressional districts, 2024 state upper house and state lower house district and elected officials by address, zip 9, zip5 or geocodes.

Regulatory Compliance: Match your addresses to census tract, MSA or USDA eligible...

Government Sponsored Programs: Determine eligibility by county, municipality, or tribal reservation. Report distribution of funds by State Legislative or Congressional District

Real Estate: Provide parcel data including property characteristics, owner information and assessment information.

eCommerce: Provide real-time Sales Tax Rates calculation for online stores.

USgeocoder can provide any location related data. Learn how the technology works...

Why Our Customers Love Us...

Geolocation addressed based district matching

Rooftop Accuracy

Summer 2014: In Independent tests, USgeocoder surpasses Google and Bing in correctly identifying political district and Census geography assignments. Our location standards match US EMS requirements. We provide 99.999% accuracy for district matching.

District Matching with full data privacy protection

100% Privacy Protection

USgeocoder is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) & RFPA (Right to Financial Privacy Act) compliant. We guarantee your proprietary data remains 100% confidential. We do not scrape, resell, market, share or store any customer data.

Low Cost District Matching

Total Cost Advantage

Enjoy having one vendor provide all the geographic, political, local district and Census data you need for lobbying, grassroot management, banking, and regulatory compliance! As an OEM geocoder, we own all the IP and system hardware. We are creative in cost saving so you can meet budget requirements.

We are trusted by Fortune 500 Companies, FinTech providers, non-profit organizations, private businesses and academic institutions!

Matching address to legislative districts and local jurisdictions with USgeocoder

3 Ways to Receive District Matching Data

Do you need the data to be integrated into your application? Or use it to create reports such as impact statements? We can provide the matching data to you either by batch processing your address file, or through API process between our server to your server. Most of our customers start with batch processing their historical data and then use API to keep the data current.

Address batch processing for district matching with USgeocoder

Batch Processing

Quick Turn-Around

Need to match your entire database to federal or local districts? We can manually batch process your address file, and return the result file with requested information appended for you!

Rush or standard 72-Hour Turn-Around

Batch matching your address file to districts with USgeocoder
Matching Address to Legislative Districts, Census, Local Jurisdictions with USgeocoder API

USgeocoder API

Realtime Updates

Looking for district information auto-populated for your web application without maintenance headaches? USgeocoder Realtime API solution is your answer!

Instant Access to All Data

Sign up a free district matching API account with USgeocoder
Matching Address Records in Batch with USgeocoder Batch API

Batch API

Best of Batch & API

Now your servers work directly with USgeocoders servers! Our servers geocode your addresses in batch, append requested district information and send the result file back to your servers!

Integrate Batch Processing into your Data systems!

Talk to USgeocoder about your district matching needs.

Not sure which is the best way to meet your needs? Please talk to us
We will suggest the best approach to fulfill your long and short term goals.


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