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Demographic Service

USgeocoder maps combined with demographic files from the U.S. Census Bureau allow you or your organization to perform sophisticated demographic analyses and profiles of voters, constituents, customers, or stakeholders in initiatives you are undertaking.

Results of demographic analyses and profiling can be shown as "heat maps" as well as discrete scale maps. We can aggregate results to display at any jurisdictional level. We can display cross-references of multiple variants as layers or as relational dynamic heat or category maps.

Map information and demographic and geographic displays are limited only by your imagination. Interpreting complex demographic and geographic relationships can be difficult for those not mathematically inclined. USgeocoder makes it simple and intuitive. Census file demographic data contains information on many themes such as income level and distribution, age distribution, employment, household makeup, housing characteristics, race, and ethnicity. Some census data is compiled to the block level. Others are compiled at the block group level.

Want to hone your advertising or identify those most likely to support your message, buy your product, or contribute to your cause? Combine our data processing, mapping, and demographic analysis tools to create clear images that tell you where your buck will get the biggest bang! Use USgeocoder at a fraction of the cost of other providers

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