USgeocoder API

2010 Census Demographics

You can obtain the following Census information from USgeocoder API:

2010 Census Tract
2010 Block Group
2010 Census Block
2000 Census Block
Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)
Urban or Rural Area

USgeocoder is a customized Geographic Information System (GIS) web application integrating data from various resources provided by the government. One of them is the US Census TIGER data file provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. When receiving a street address and 5 digital zip code for a particular location, USgeocoder geocodes the location, looks for the above information from the US Census database and returns to your application. USgeocoder can also produce census geographies by geocodes (latitude and longitude) directly.

USgeocoder API offers XML REST based communication style, the most direct way to integrate our web service into your web application. Following is the sample XML output for Census Bureau information:

 [census_info] => Array
[census_tract] => Array
[census_tract_status] => Match Found
[census_tract_value] => 1007
[block_group] => Array
[block_group_status] => Match Found
[block_group_name] => Block Group 2
[census_2000_block] => Array
[census_2000_block_status] => Match Found
[census_2000_block_value] => Block 2021
[census_2010_block] => Array
[census_2010_block_status] => Match Found
[census_2010_block_value] => Block 2034
[msa] => Array
[msa_status] => Match Found
[msa_name] => Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA Metro Area
[urban_or_rural_area] => Array
[urban_or_rural_area_status] => Urban Area
[urban_area_name] => Santa Cruz, CA Urbanized Area

This information is the basic starting point for all demographic queries and surveys provided by or performed by the U.S. Government and most state and local governments. Using the API generated information, the staff at USgeocoder can customize demographic queries and create mapped output per your requests.

You can find information about USgeocoder API in the USgeocoder API Integration Guide. To find out the US Census Statistics for a particular address, please take a test drive with our Live Demo or take a look at the sample API data output.

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